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Vancouver Webcam

Find out what's happening before you go when you watch the view through the lens of a Vancouver webcam.

From the ease and comfort of your computer at home you can see what the traffic is like going over the Lions Gate Bridge or at the ferry terminals or you can even watch the cruise ships as they dock and leave at Canada Place or the sea-bus making its way back and forth across the harbour between Vancouver and the North Shore.

There are webcams that will show you the road along the sea to sky highway on the way up to Whistler and at the ski hills that show you exactly what the weather and conditions are like.

Vancouver webcams not only help you make travel plans sometimes they are just good entertainment.

Some webcams can become quite popular for periods of time especially when baby animals are involved.

In the springtime you can always count on a webcam to surface that's spying on baby eagles. And, The Vancouver Aquarium has a couple of very popular webcams the Beluga Cam and the Sea Otter Cam.

There is another whole bunch of other popular webcams that people just do for a hobby. You will see pictures of local beaches, and amazing water views with mountains in the distance.

Of course another great place see Vancouver sights, neighborhoods and other things that are going on in the city from your comfortable chair is to visit the Vancouver Video Gallery on this site.

...Return often for more exciting information on much more of Vancouver's best things to do, sights to see and local attractions and experience or subscribe to "Why Vancouver" our newsletter or blog so you don�t miss any of the news about the city and what�s happening in it!

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