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By the request of you, our readers, we’ve begun the Vancouver Video Gallery so we can share even more of our wonderful city with you!

You’ll see live video of the city as we see it and all the great things about the best place to live in the world!

The gallery will make it even easier to visit parts of the city that you read about and you can “look around” the parts of the city and then decide what parts of Vancouver are “must see”. You’ll be able see places like English Bay, Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park and many other areas just the way we see them all…as if you are standing there looking around yourself!

For example: Take a break from your day and take in English Bay...

You can see the Totem Poles in Stanley Park complete with other visitors from all over the world by simply clicking on the play button on the video image...

Here’s Vanier Park which is also home to the Maritime Museum and the Vancouver Planetarium...How about going kite flying on a lazy day in the city as you stroll along through one of our many parks...

And when you need a quiet moment from the hustle and bustle of shopping in Vancouver or perhaps you’d like to experience a romantic sunset on one of the Vancouver beaches...

Here is a sample video tour of the West Side of the city that will show you WhyVancouver is one of the best places in the world to live!

Here is a sample of the thing to do in Vancouver during the long hot summer days...especially when you're in Stanly Park and caught on video. Vancouver's water park.

A sample video tour of Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park and one of the best places to relax in nature while you're in the middle of Vanocuver.

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We love getting all your feedback that you send us and please keep it coming, if there is a specific area you’d like to see in our Vancouver gallery, just let us know by using the contact us form and we’ll try to get it for you as quickly as possible.

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