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Vancouver Universities


There are two main Vancouver universities being the provincial school called UBC and Simon Fraser known as SFU which is actually not in the city proper but in the suburb of Burnaby on the top of Burnaby Mountain .

UBC has a very long and prestigious history with Nobel Prize winners whom are counted among the instructors and researchers. At one time it was �the school� to go to but over time SFU has made a name for itself as well in both academia and cultural pursuits such as the SFU Pipe Band who have emerged as a world class band known around the world.

In fact the SFU Pipe Band has a very long waiting list and many parents start to mold their kids while they are in elementary school so that they�ll be good enough to audition for the band when they get older.

The Vancouver Universities are both very progressive and are some what of a melting pot of cultures and free thinkers.

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is located on the most western tip of Vancouver on what is known as the UEL (University Endowment Lands) and is one of the best places in Vancouver to walk nature trails while still being in the city! It is also one of the places that you simply must see while on your vacation in Vancouver .


No matter the kind of weather in Vancouver you�ll always see people walking along the nature paths at UBC and if you go in the early morning, you�ll usually see some deer, fox and coyote as well which is always a treat.

There are many foreign students at the Vancouver Universities as well as the other smaller schools in the city which are accredited universities that specialize in teaching English as a second language, and the majority of the students are from the Asia Pacific Rim countries and Eastern Europe .

Vancouver is not only the home of the Winter 2010 games it is also the best place to live and study it also has a lot of things to do, (we even have our own nude beaches (not used very much when it snows in Vancouver though), getting around is really easy with our public transit system and we are also very environmentally aware so you�ll see a lot of smartcars around the Vancouver Universities as well the zip car program of sharing cars to cut down on congestion and pollution too.

Take the time to have a look at the Vancouver videos and other pages on this site to get an idea of what you�ll see here in the city.


If you want to keep an eye on Vancouver , subscribe to our newsletter and blog so you don�t miss any of the news about the city and what�s happening in it!

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