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Tips on Vancouver Tourism

Here are a few tips on Vancouver tourism to get to know before you come...

Vancouver Tourism

Vancouver is a very laid-back city with lots of things to see and do and there are a few "must do" and "must-see" things along the way. In addition to what you may find in the travel brochures about Vancouver here are a few tips that you may not find.

Being the host city of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games as well as the Para Winter Olympic Games as well as having hosted the 1986 Expo here in the city, tourism has become a very important part of not only our community spirit but also our economic system.

That being said tourism is an important part of our economy and generally speaking, every Vancouverite tries to do their bit to “overdeliver” on our reputation of being a safe and friendly place to visit.

Here are a few tips that will help you really enjoy your visit to Vancouver:


Shopping in Vancouver can be quite the adventure with so many areas to shop in the downtown core you might miss some of the real deals available if you shop where we locals do simply because you pay the Vancouver price instead of the Vancouver tourism price (which is sometimes higher) that we do.

While shopping for souvenirs in Gastown or on Denman Street as well as Pacific Center Mall is great, you'll find many of the same things in other areas in Vancouver such as Metro-Town Mall which is just a short 15 to 20 minute drive from downtown Vancouver core and has well over 200 shops to choose from.

Restaurant Dining:

There are lots of great restaurants and other places to dine in Vancouver and lots of different cuisine to choose from because Vancouver as in any international city you can easily find flavors from any country around the world.

Generally speaking, a standard tipping amount for services is 15% that does not mean that you MUST give a 15% tip if the service you receive doesn't warrant it!

Restaurants and other service based businesses strive to provide good service but in the highly unlikely situation where you don't receive good service I would suggest that you don't leave a tip or leave less than the 15% in the city as we see ourselves as Vancouver tourism ambassadors.


The nightlife during the city is also part of Vancouver 's tourism industry in fact many of the nightclubs in downtown Vancouver are open as late as 4 a.m.! And I bet that as the years go by, they will be opening later. There also a number of lounges in the city as well as pubs and bistros as well as 24-hour restaurants and cafés.

Vancouver Concerts

Many famous musicians and groups launch or finish their North American tours as well as world tours in Vancouver. For example in 2007 "The Police" reunited as a band and announced "The Police World Tour" would begin in Vancouver B.C. It was a great concert with them playing many old hits and new songs that are sure to be hits.

A special tip for you is that you may not want to buy your ticket to a Vancouver concert or Vancouver hockey game (our team on the Vancouver Canucks) or football game (our team is the B.C. Lions) in advance because quite often you can get a better deal from the scalpers (the people who sell tickets at the door) just before the event starts for much cheaper sometimes even one third or one half of the actual price!

These are just a few Vancouver tourism tips of things you may enjoying doing while you are visiting Vancouver.

Click here to read about some of the fun things our visitors have done and to share your own fun things to do in Vancouver.

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