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Vancouver Newspaper Editions

There are numerous Vancouver newspaper editions to choose from in the city.

Many of them are smaller papers with circulations targeted to specific neighbourhoods of Vancouver such as the “West-Ender”.

Vancouver Newspaper
Even the smaller papers have large circulations but with stories and columns targeted to specific areas of Vancouver such as East Van, West Van and so on.

We also have a newspaper called “The Georgia Straight” which focuses mainly on the entertainment in and around the city. It's a great resource for many aspiring actors and musicians to search for non-union “gigs” in and around the city.

A few of the newer free newspapers that have recently “popped up” in newspaper boxes around the city. It seemed for a while to be a “media war” to the point of having multiple newspaper boxes on the same block as well as people handing them out on the same corners and competing for attention. Yes...it was crazy for a few months!

The papers that have been around the longest are “The Vancouver Province”, “The Vancouver Sun” and, “The Georgia Straight”. The Province paper used to be delivered in the early morning in time to be read before work and the Sun paper was delivered in the late afternoon in time to read the daily news after you got home from work.

Over the years, both newspapers have begun to deliver in the early mornings and the only difference is that the Province paper doesn’t deliver on Saturday and the Sun paper doesn’t deliver on Sunday.

The Georgia Straight is a weekly paper that comes out on Thursdays only and can be found all over the city in pretty much every café as well as in it’s own newspaper box on city streets.

Of the Vancouver newspapers, the Province is not as factual and tends to have a lot more advertising in it than the Sun paper.

You may find that the Georgia Straight newspaper actually has better articles and columns that are based in unbiased reporting than any other paper in the city.

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