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Vancouver Culinary Arts

Aspiring chefs from all over the world come to study Vancouver Culinary Arts.

What's interesting is that over half the people pursuing culinary studies are following a passion. They come from professions like lawyer, teacher and accountant and another whole bunch are from the arts such as painters, florist and dancers.

Vancouver enjoys a world class reputation in dining for its palate pleasing variety

Start your day of Vancouver sight-seeing with a hearty Mexican inspired breakfast burrito. For lunch grab a fast food Persian kabob and for dinner sit down to restaurant dining for an Indian curried rice dish.

What Vancouver is known for of course is fresh seafood. It's called West Coast fare and involves lots of salmon, lobster, prawns and locally grown organic produce.

Dining out in Vancouver is a trip around the world and here are some culinary adventures to consider:

  • Afghan-ravioli sprinkled with spinach with a sour cream and yogurt dip
  • African-saffron rice, chicken or beef saut�ed, peppers, carrots, lots of garlic
  • Caribbean-jerk chicken (marinated overnight in Scotch Bonnet peppers) rice, beans, coleslaw and plantain
  • German-tenderloin served with wine and mushroom cream
  • Portuguese-Cornish game hen with mandarin and orange stuffing to name only a few.

Tourism being a popular profession world wide there is a demand for skilled professionals to prepare pleasing meals whether it is for hotels, restaurants, cruise ships or catering companies.

Once students are finished their Vancouver Culinary Arts studies there are plenty of opportunities to showcase the result of international taste and local origin.

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