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Vancouver attorneys are actually called lawyers, more often than not here in the city.

For instance, most people will tell you that they're a lawyer or they're going to contact their lawyer.

When you're in the city on business and are searching for a lawyer, that is Vancouver based there are a number of places that you can find information both online and off.

You can either look in the yellow pages, or the Vancouver Yellow Pages, as well as you can look online.

One good website that we found full of information with good resources, and also review lawyers and refer lawyers for you or to lawyers they know here in Vancouver is www.lawyer-vancouver.com.

This is a website based here in Vancouver and deals or reviews lawyers in Vancouver so that you get the best local attorneys [lawyers] based on information, from local sources, speaking with them, and interviewing and getting feedback from people who have used that particular Vancouver lawyer.

June 5 2008 UPDATE:
The webmaster at www.lawyer-vancouver.com has just told us that the site is undergoing a major facelift and should be finished in July 2008.

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