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Vancoover or Vancouver?

Is it Vancoover or Vancouver?



It's actually spelled �Vancouver� but pronounced �Vancoover�� and though they sound the same the spelling is different which can be very frustrating to anyone who doesn�t know how its spelled or whose mother language isn�t English (Canadian English at that)!

Through history, people have come up with many stories about the name itself and how it is spelled.

From what I�m told in Vancouverite (�Vancoover-ite�) legend is that Captain George Vancouver was actually of Dutch decent and that he had to change his name or chose to change his name from Van Coover (two separate words something like Van Gogh or Van Damme) to the singular one word spelling of �Vancoover� then changed the actual letters to reflect the way the English would spell it�


That�s just one theory of how the name Vancouver (�Vancoover�) evolved and I�d say that it makes pretty good sense especially to anyone of Dutch descent!


It�s also important to note that there is a Vancouver (�Vancoover�) British Columbia (Vancouver or Vancoover, BC for short) here in Canada and there�s also a Vancouver �Vancoover� Washington (United States) which is about 6 hours drive directly south along the coast.

The United States Vancouver (Vancoover) is situated right on the border of the states Washington and Oregon where you�ll also find one of the most popular wind surfing spots on the West Coast called �The Gorge�.

During certain times of the year, a large number of wind surfers will travel from Vancouver or Vancoover, BC and other parts of both Washington and Oregon States and either camp out at the Gorge or get hotels in Portland Oregon (on the border between the two states) or stay in Vancouver (Vancoover), Washington and travel to the Gorge each day to windsurf.

Some like the camping and some prefer clean beds and showers every night.

You'll love Vancouver (spelled Vancoover, Vancouver, Vancuver) BC as it has more natural beauty than anywhere else in the world!

So if you ever wondered how to say �Vancouver� (Vancoover) now you know how to spell it and also pronounce it as if it was spelled �Vancoover�.

Vancouver (Vancoover) is a city of spectacular super-natural beauty, guaranteed breathtaking sites and vistas, friendly people, and of course... the best place to live and visit in the world! So...

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