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A Timeshare in Whistler

Searching for a timeshare in Whistler or in Vancouver you'll find there is no shortage of timeshare ads promoting properties available.

Many people are looking for accommodations other than the main hotels which are often hard to get bookings for during the peak seasons.

Whether itís a Whistler ski condo, hotel resort, house or a secluded cabin, youíll be able to find it in the resort town of Whistler BC.

You do have a choice of companies that you can go through including the various private ownerís websites, corporate websites and WhyVancouverís free listing pages.

There are plenty of timeshare vacation promotions websites that offer to trade timeshares and timeshare swaps.

It's best to be cautious though as there have been known to be a few timeshare scams out there which is unfortunate because the majority of timeshares online are legitimate and safe.

Iíve never personally ever heard of Whistler being involved in a timeshare scam. I have however heard lots of great stories of people having a great Whistler vacation in the winter, spring and summer months.

There is just so much to do year-round and not just the world class alpine skiing or the best snow boarding in the world but also great hiking and mountain biking.

Whistler being the host of the 2010 Winter Games many people are already beginning to search for a Whistler timeshare to rent and and investors are searching for properties to buy.

Search from over 300,000 condos on Condo.com, the world's largest condo marketplace. timeshares

If you are interested and want to buy a timeshare in Whistler, there are many places to look such as:

  • Timeshare auctions
  • Timeshare foreclosures
  • Timeshare financing firms (for referrals)
  • RCI timeshare re-sales
  • Timeshare classifieds and the list goes on...

There are all kinds of resale timeshare bargains if you take the time to look around and take your time.

If you already own a timeshare in Whistler property, swapping locations or dates might also be a huge advantage if you want to visit another part of the country or world.

But it is pretty hard to understand why youíd want to go anywhere else when you have one of the best resorts in the world at your fingertips and a short drive away is Vancouver, one of the top 10 Places to Live in the world with so much to see and do, so many places to eat, and just as many activities or more...

That is... unless you are going to stay in a Vancouver timeshare!

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