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Vancouver & Whistler Ski Condo Rentals

When it snows in Vancouver people start looking for ski condo rentals in the local papers while other will renew the old debate of skiing vs. snowboarding and you know winter is here with lots of things to do in Vancouver as well as the local slopes that are also home to some of the Winter 2010 events as the world comes to visit Vancouver and Whistler and pray for snow!

There are tons of Vancouver accommodations to choose from Vancouver hotels, cheap hotels (saving your money to spend on this year�s new gear), hostels and of course  you can also look into Vancouver ski condo rentals as an option but don�t forget about Vancouver timeshares and if you�re going to take a daytrip (or longer that you can also look into a Whistler timeshare) as an alternative for whistler ski accommodation if that works for you.

You don�t really need to worry about ski condo rentals in Vancouver because all of the local hills are within 30 minutes of the slopes which explains  why so many people sneak out of the office early in the winter to get in a few runs in before the end of the day!

Cypress Mountain is one of the local hills and only 20 minutes from all the hotelsand less than 2 hours up the Sea to Sky Highway.

So if you really wanted to get the maximum amount of time on the Vancouver ski hills on your Vancouver ski vacation, when you arrive at the airport you could arrange a Vancouver limousine to take you to your hotel or ski condo that you�ve already rented, drop off your bags (leaving your skis in the limousine) get changed and get driven right to the cypress mountain ski hill!

Or if you wanted to go to Whistler you could rent a Whistler limousine, check the whistler ski report and even the whistler ski conditions on the way to your ski resort or Timeshare in Whistler and in a few hours of landing in Vancouver from wherever you�re from, you can ski BC within a matter of minutes to only a few hours!

So you see you have more options than just searching for ski condo rentals for your vacation.

Besides skiing, you can also go on guided snowmobile tours, snowshoe walks, dogsled tour rides along the many trials. Vancouver skiing is only one of the things to do and sights to see in the city. And none of this have to break your budget you can actually plan pretty cheap ski vacations in Vancouver (Whistler is another story though) and take in the sights of the city and our best dining not mention taking a winter stroll along the Seawall!

That is what I call a real �Canada package ski vacation� and not for the weak at heart!

If you want to keep an eye on Vancouver, subscribe to our newsletter and blog so you don�t miss any of the news about the city and what�s happening in it!

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