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The Resort Municipality of Whistler

Before the resort municipality of Whistler just outside of Vancouver became famous it was a small sleepy little town that few people knew about other than it had a lot of great hiking.

Whistler didn't have the famous ski hills nor the popular world-class hotels and accommodations that has today.

Resort Municipality of Whistler

Another thing about the resort municipality of whistler is that people didn't come from all over the world to enjoy the fabulous skiing or snowboarding or the great mountain biking (that is still a bit of a secret to the locals).

This small quiet town has woken up to become a giant in the world of skiing and certainly a giant in the world of Winter Olympics. Just a few years ago when snowboarding became an Olympic sport the gold medal was won by yes you guessed it a snowboarder named Ross Ribliati who lived in the resort municipality of Whistler!

Rewind a few years further back to the mid-1980ís when Whistler was just starting to be known as a nice place to go skiing and certainly not known internationally At that time Whistler B.C. didn't have a Whistler limousine company or a helicopter pad for the rich and famous to fly in to the resort for the weekend to escape the hustle and bustle of Vancouver. Now today people actually rent helicopters and fly to the mountain tops to get married!

A number of years ago a stuntman who works in the Vancouver film industry and Los Angeles flew his intended wife and wedding party to the top of a mountain to exchange their marriage vows! Now that is what I call a super romantic thing to do.

Whistler accommodations have gone from small family owned weekend cabins to being transformed into multimillion dollar ski condos, townhouses and hotels.

These days Whistler is known around the world and the resort municipality of Whistler is recognized around the world as one of the best ski resorts and is often compared and judged better then most of the famous ski resorts in Europe which include Switzerland and Norway to name only a few!

Whistler is also known for great snowboarding. Also a number of Hollywood commercials that feature skiing and snowboarding have been filmed here, not to mention a lot of film crews have shot movies in Vancouver as well as in Whistler. The Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler has been used in countless movies, TV shows, and feature films and is known for its winding and twisting turns and beautiful vistas along the way.

Take the time during your trip to Vancouver for a short day trip to the home of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. You should either rent a car in Vancouver or rent a limousine to take you out there so you don't have to worry about driving. This way you can take in all the sights and not have to be concerned about driving so you can focus on enjoying all the beauty that nature shares with us who are fortunate enough to live in Vancouver and Whistler B.C. on a daily basis. When you get to Whistler don't forget to stop in at all the wonderful shops where you can get your souvenirs to take back home.

One last tip is that if you want to have a romantic time in Vancouver, think about a surprising your partner by advance booking a trip to Whistler and making the reservations for a fabulous lunch, dinner or spa treatment while you're in Whistler with a nice romantic drive back from the quaint little resort municipality of Whistler just in time to see the sunset behind the mountains that are across the water.

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