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Filming Movies in Vancouver

Movies in Vancouver

Filming movies in Vancouver is a commonplace sight. The film industry first started here in the late 70s with TV series like MacGyver, 21 Jump Street. Later came the feature films in volume led by shows like First Blood starring Sylvester Stallone in the early 1980s.

In all honesty First Blood was not actually shot in Vancouver proper but rather in a small town about two hours east of Vancouver called Hope.

The Vancouver film industry has seen rapid growth as the entertainment industry has now become a global market place.

A larger amount of movies made with Vancouver being made to look like other parts of the world and other parts of the United States in particular. The result is Vancouver becoming the third largest film industry location in North America.

And that's not just movies in Vancouver that's also television TV series such as Stargate SG-1, X-Files, Sliders, and the Andromeda series which was also created by Gene Roddenberry who was the original creator of Star Trek.

As far as going to movies in Vancouver in terms of theaters there are a number of new theaters in Vancouver proper and in the surrounding Vancouver suburbs all of which are very comfortable and reasonably priced.

Not to mention that they are a great place to go on our rainy winter day when you're tired of shopping in Vancouver or finished walking around the sea wall and seeing the sights of the city such as Stanley Park or English Bay and the other various beaches in Vancouver.

Movies in Vancouver

It's always very interesting when you go to see a movie and you recognize the building or the streets as part of Vancouver and you can see them on your Vancouver street map but they're actually supposed to be Philadelphia or New York or Chicago or Boston in the United States I guess that's what they call a movie magic.

So don't be surprised if you see some movie magic happening on the streets of Vancouver while you're here you can always tell if they're filming on location by a large convoy of big white trucks and traffic cones all over the place.

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Have A Great Movie Stars in Vancouver Story ?

With all the movies and TV shows in Vancouver (Hollywood North) we hear lots of great stories about people seeing movie stars in Vancouver restaurants and eventually tell the person they are starring at "you know, you look just like... then to find out that they ARE that person!

Did you get a picture taken with a star here in Vancouver? Why not send us the picture and the story behind it what they were like etc... Even if you are the actor! Yes, inquiring minds want to know! Tell us where you saw them, what they were like, did you talk to them what movie are they working on...

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Pacific Central Station (Vancouver bus & train station)  starstarstarstarstar
I walked right on to a movie set inside the Pacific Central station by Main street in Vancouver yesterday (Jan31/08) and I was right next to Keanu Reeves ...

THE X-FILES 2 are coming to Vancouver!  starstarstarstarstar
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Vancouver Movies November Gossip :-)  starstarstarstarstar
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Miss me? Hey lie to me anyways!...

Who Starred in This Film  starstarstarstarstar
Whilst at Vancouver in July/August. 2006, we found a film unit parked on the car immediately on the downtown side of Cambie Bridge. Speaking to a security ...

Steven Segal filming in Vancouver  starstarstarstarstar

I love your website and tell all my online friends to visit it to see where I live! :-)

I just heard from a friend of mine who told me that Steven ...

Scary Movie 5 to Film in Vancouver  starstarstarstar
I just heard that they are going to make Scary Movie 5 in Vancouver!

They filmed Scary 3 and Scary movie 4 in Vancouver and I guess they liked it and ...

Paris Hilton Making a Movie  starstarstarstar
I just heard that Paris Hilton is going to be in Toronto Canada next week to make a movie called "Repo! The Genetic Opera"

Paris will be starring in ...

Hot Tub Time Machine  Not rated yet
Once of the new movies filmed in Vancouver is called Hot Tub Time Machine starring actors John Cusack and Rob Corddry. Both are very funny and dynamic ...

John Cusack and Rob Corddry filming in Vancouver  Not rated yet
Once of the new movies filmed in Vancouver is called Hot Tub Time Machine starring actors
John Cusack and Rob Corddry. Both are very funny and dynamic ...

Tron to be filmed in Vancouver  Not rated yet
I heard they are filming a re-make of the movie TRON which was awesome for its time with excellent special effects in the 1980s is going to be filmed ...

Abigail Mason and April Telek Film Jakes Run  Not rated yet
Thought I'd share this info I just heard about today...
Thanks for sharing your info about all the movies in Vancouver being filmed!

A feature film ...

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