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Map of Vancouver British Columbia

Pick up a Map of Vancouver British Columbia to find the less beaten path into the outdoors.  And if you love hiking, there�s a store on West Broadway called Mountain Equipment Co-op or MEC for short.


MEC basically has every outdoor piece of equipment that you can imagine and the same goes for clothing.

Interested in kayaking? You�ll find everything from ocean and river kayaks itself to aprons, helmets, and maps of British Columbia rivers and all the other water ways.

To do some �back-country hiking� or mountain climbing, you�ll be able to totally outfit yourself for the expedition completely and that includes winter, spring, summer and fall expeditions (though I can�t really understand camping during the winter time)!


MEC also has everything you�d need to outfit yourself for back-country ski trips which you could do as a day trip or week long expeditions.

You might be able to do the daytrips of the local mountain ranges using a map of Vancouver British Columbia because there are even places within 45 minutes drive where you can be in the wilderness.


So you could leave your nice warm hotel room, and be on your own personal expedition, jump into your Vancouver rental car or SUV that�s packed with your map of Vancouver British Columbia and be on your way.

You could even spend your Vancouver honeymoon and have a unusual adventure at the same time. After the wedding you could just buy a map of Vancouver British Columbia and be on your way in your rental car touring the city and when you get your fill of the city, you can just head for the hills or the waterways with a map of British Columbia and off you go into the sunset.


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Local maps of Vancouver and area click the link. Find the best deal, compare prices and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor

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