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Immigration Naturalization Services in Vancouver

Immigration naturalization services in Vancouver

To get yourself familiarized and settled in there are non-profit organizations like the Immigrant Services Society of B.C. that offer services, programs and resources to help with:

  • getting a place to live
  • finding a job
  • explaining how the different levels of government work
  • and providing information about health care and, the laws of the land to name a few.

Most new comers prefer to settle in one of the three major cities and that makes Vancouver a popular destination although it is second to Toronto .

Some of the visible ethnic groups of people that live here are from Asian countries such as China , Japan , Korea , Vietnam , Punjab , Philippines , Peru , Ecuador and Mexico .

Before the 1980's the largest ethnic groups were British, German, Italian and Eastern European.

According to the census figure one in six people who live in Canada were born somewhere else.

As a new immigrant you will find for the most part all the various cultures get along pretty well together and it's common to see inter-racial couples.

Here are some handy tips if you�re thinking about immigrating:

  • give yourself a head start by learning or improving your English or French
  • get your important documents like your marriage certificate, your resume and work qualifications translated into English or French before you come
  • do some research on where you want to live to get an idea of what it costs to live there

Once you arrive you'll be able to get yourself connected with the help of immigration naturalization services to become accustomed to your new home.

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