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Handicap Grab Bars in Vancouver are Standard

Handicap grab bars in Vancouver are so common that most people donít give them a second thought simply because Vancouver has always had a high standard of equality for the physically challenged population of Vancouver.

Our current Mayor of Vancouver (Sam Sullivan) himself is wheelchair bound.

Vancouver is the home of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games (next Winter Olympics) and there is a story that Sam went to Italy to get the Official Olympic flag to bring home to Vancouver.

Apparently, the flight didnít have room for his wheelchair and the flag case so he left his wheelchair behind to bring the Olympic flag home on the flight to Vancouver. Though Iím sure Sam did use the handicap grab bars with the help of his staff to board and leave the flight to Vancouver.

In fact all businesses in Vancouver (including Vancouver bars) must by law have wheelchair accessible washrooms in them.

In order to get a Vancouver business license city inspectors will come and check each business to make sure that this code to support the disabled / handicapped sector of our community is followed or they wonít issue a business permit.

This includes all the "must see sights," places to eat in Vancouver, places to shop in Vancouver, places to stay and all the public washrooms in the city have handicap grab bars in Vancouver!

Wheelchair Access Ramps

It is rare that you donít see wheelchair access ramps on every corner of all the streets in Vancouver.

The city has had wheelchair access ramps for as long as I can remember and this includes all the sights to see in the city including the Planetarium, Vancouver beaches, all city parks like Stanley Park and gardens like Van Dusen Gardens, Stanley Park rose gardens Vancouver golf courses, as well as our public transit system.

Wheelchair Lift Ramp

You will also notice that every Vancouver taxi company is equipped with handicap accessible vans with wheelchair lift ramps in all of them.

Youíll also find that the hotels in Vancouver all have handicap grab bars in the hotel room showers and toilets. For us in Vancouver it is so normal that we donít understand why there are places that arenít disabled friendly in Canada.

I guess that is why Vancouver is one of the best places to visit in Canada! Of course the weather in Vancouver and the weather in Victoria, BC also help too!

If you plan to make a daytrip out of Vancouver to Victoria, BC donít worry because the Vancouver to Victoria ferry service is wheelchair accessible and has handicap grab bars in all the washrooms on all of the ships.

The Empress Hotel (Victoria BC) like the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel, also has handicap bathrooms and handicap grab bars in all of the hotel rooms.

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