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Fly Fishing Trip, Get Away

For a fly fishing trip get away, the rivers, streams and mountains around Vancouver (pronounced "Vancoover") are ideal places.


Fly fishing enthusiasts will tell you some of the most creative and productive time of their lives has been spent on the banks of a river trying to snag a fish.

Plan your fly fishing vacation with these points in mind:

escape from the busy world of time clocks and schedules and grid-lock

stunning scenery and amazing wildlife...

And, maybe even the chance to sleep out under the stars.

Rivers in the Vancouver area are crystal clear and full of fish and you might end up catching Salmon or Trout.

Fly fishing spots happen to be in some of the most pristine scenery in the world.

Imagine flying or boating into a remote location in the wilderness for a day of fishing. On your way there you will see breathtaking scenery and rugged mountain peaks that provide an amazing backdrop.


There are many different locations that provide great fly fishing trips. You can head up to Squamish or Whistler ( the home of the winter games in 2010) or� into the valley along the Pitt River.

What you will find is that there are some great fly fish vacation trip packages to picturesque lodges and resorts within only a few hours drive of the city with luxury accommodations that include private suites and sauna.


Whether you are a seasoned fisher or a newbie, the perfect fly fishing vacation is waiting for you.

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