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Vancouver Easter Candy Baskets

Fill Them with Unique Ideas

Along with the usual chocolate Easter candy fill your Vancouver Easter candy baskets with things they'll love.

Easter Candy Baskets

Put together a personalized Easter basket with their favourites like spa products (luxurious soap, shower gel, body lotion and a bath sponge) or gardening items (gardening gloves and tools).

Other ideas are wine and cheese and specialty coffee or tea. Once you get started the ideas are endless.

Since being close to nature is an important part of living in Vancouver make your Easter basket gifts even more special by growing a real grass lining on the bottom.

Simple to make Easter basket lining

You will need:

  • basket
  • cellophane wrap or a piece of plastic to cover the bottom of your basket
  • grass seed
  • vermiculite (available anywhere you buy plants. It's lighter than soil and stays moist)
  • spray bottle
  • water

The first thing you do is line the bottom of the basket with the cellophane or plastic (If you are using coloured cellophane line the whole basket so the cellophane spills out over the top of the basket two or three inches).

Next you cover the lining with a layer of vermiculite.

Then sprinkle your grass seed.

Cover with another light layer of vermiculite.

Spray with water until moist and keep it moist every day.

In about 10 days you will have grass so you probably want to start growing your grass about ten or twelve days before Easter.

Delicately tuck your items into your basket and viola! You have a gourmet Easter basket.

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