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Decorating Easter Idea

Bring a bit of spring indoors with a simple decorating Easter idea.

Spring in Vancouver means flowers in the garden and baby chicks and geese at the duck pond in Stanley Park.

Take your inspiration from nature to create a centerpiece for your dining table that's decorating made easy.

Long stemmed spring flowers like daffodils and tulips are widely available so pick up a bunch or two and put them in a glass vase tied with a bow in a spring colour like soft blue, pink, yellow, green or lavender.

You could just as easily form a line of baby chicks in a row for a charming display. Five or more will make a nice impact. The chicks could be made of ceramic or something from a craft store or they could be chocolate chicks.

Add some Easter grass to your display and sprinkle with chocolate covered Easter eggs.

Speaking of Easter grass why not grow your own. You'll need to start this little project at least 10 days before Easter.

Simply cut down an empty milk carton and cover the outside in construction paper or fabric (perhaps some gingham). Put soil in the bottom of your carton and sprinkle with grass seed. You'll need to keep it moist so be sure to spray it every with water and in about a week you'll have grass.

Additionally, what you can do is take what's left of your carton and make a handle for you carton and now you have an Easter basket.

These ideas are great for your Easter dinner table but work just as well anywhere the Easter bunny visits.

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