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Burns Bog

Burns Bog is a natural attraction and one of the largest peat bogs in the world.

 Burns Bog

The Bog is a protected area so wildlife can live safely away from humans and in their natural surroundings. It’s also believed to help stabilize the environmental climate and the natural balance of the of the west coast rainforest which stretches from Northern California all the way to up to Alaska. But there have been several large fires there...

The fires usually get started from lightning strikes and can burn under ground for months if not years. In September of 2005 a large fire broke out and the smoke blanketed the entire lower mainland and over to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. This caused many health concerns and my friend Bill evacuated his apartment with his dog.

The Bog has been used as a backdrop location for many television shows and films shot in Vancouver because it can be anywhere in North America. The X-files and Sliders are a couple of shows that have been filmed there.

Burns Bog is a must see eco tour. On a blazing hot summer day you can see steam rise from the peat and if you’re really, really still you will soon be rewarded by the sights and sounds of wildlife including raccoons, badgers, fox and all kinds of birds including Canada geese.

There is plenty to see but make sure you bring along the mosquito repellent and binoculars.

Burns Bog is 27 kilometers (20 miles) south of Vancouver (pronounced “Vancoover”).

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